Pixyfi is dedicated to provide the best possible product discovery platform. This network is completely driven by its user and hence it becomes necessary for the users to follow set of guidelines which allows them to take and upload the best picture of any product which will be useful to other buyers.

Here we are listing guidelines which will be used to validate the uploaded images.

We are awarding Pixyfi points only on wearable products which will be further verified by below guidelines

Wearable Products:

  • Products which are wearable like dress, watch, shoes etc should be worn in the image. It will make easier for other user to imagine how it will actually look on themselves.
  • Product must have enough content in description (At least 200 character) which can explain the quality of the product perfectly.
  • User needs to mention whether the product is upto their own expectations
  • Link the image with correct online product from where it was bought.
  • Minimum size of the image is 300*300. Images with less resolutions will not be accepted.
  • We encourage to mention the delivery services of the product as well.
  • Please take a clear image. Hazy images will be taken down (no points will be awarded).

Non Wearables:

  • In case of mobile. Please take image of Device’s screen with brightness to maximum. Kindly take the picture showing a wallpaper in the device. By looking at such images users will be easily able to identify screen’s quality.
  • Please manage flash accordingly so that it doesn’t reflect on the product.
  • Please mention other feature’s of the device (eg: Maximum stand by hours in case of mobiles)
  • The description should be at least 200 character long.
  • Please take a clear image. Hazy images will be taken down (no points will be awarded).
  • Please mention your expectations match level.

What to upload:

Our app is a product discovery platform which shows the images of online products in use. We are arranging our guidelines in such way that suites your needs and priorities.

Wearable Products:
Uploading images of wearable products is highly appreciated. Wearable products can be Electronic and non-electronic like Dresses, Wrist watch etc.

Electronic Items:
Among Electronics items you can upload images of Smart Phones, Watches, Headphones, Earphones, Speakers, Laptops.

Household utilities products will be accepted, it can be Show piece, Kitchen appliance, Sofa bean bags etc.

Other accessories items like Mobile case, Car Cover etc

Points Awarded on Items:
As Users have priorities, we are moving ahead with flat point award systems. Below chart will be used to award point to user on uploading image.

  • Wearable Products: 10 points
  • Electronic Items: 5 Points
  • Home Appliances like sofas, bean bag etc: 5 points
  • Kitchen Appliances: 5 Points
  • Decorating Items: 5 Points
  • Utility Products: 5 points
  • Accessories items: 2 points

Any product which costs less than 500 will be awarded 50% points of the corresponding category.
First upload will get 10 Points flat.
On uploading the image points will be awarded as 10 which will be adjusted according to above rule post verification. You can see the verified redeemable points in point history section within App.

Please reach out to us by writing to for any clarifications. We will be happy to assist you.