Why Pixyfi

More and more people are buying fashion online. Pixyfi.com is India’s largest Cashback and coupons website. It helps you save on all your regular purchases across 100+ shopping websites. Earning Cashback is simple, just type the name of the retailer you want to shop at and avail interesting discounts along with additional cashback. You can transfer this cashback into your wallets once it becomes redeemable, at your convenience.

How to use

The platform is very simple and similar to standard eCommerce for product discovery purposes. Below are the steps on how the user can access Pixyfi to buy the product.

  1. User login using any of the login option available.
  2. List of popular products gets populated on feed screen, through which user can browse products of their choice                        
  3. If user likes the offer/product, then user can directly click on the offer. This will redirect user to the merchant’s website from where product have been purchased.                                                                                                                         Click here:                                                                                                                                       Reach here:                                                           
  4. On Each purchase user will earn some points which will be redeemable. User can see current points in the drawer.                      

How do we redeem Pixyfi Points

Login to your Pixyfi account and navigate to the “My Wallet” page. You will get the entire details of your transactions and the cashback associated with every order. You can redeem only the balance in the Redeemable section. Points become redeemable only after the return dates of your order gets over.You have multiple options to redeem points.

  1. You can get money using Paytm
  2. You can get yourself Flipkart Gift coupon
  3. You can get money using Phone-Pe
  4. You can get money using Amazon Pay
  5. You can get money using Freecharge

Is it necessary to fill Cashback form?

Yes It is necessary To fill the form for not logged in users. In order to track you order and award cashback accurately form filling is required. For logged in users too we want users to fill the form so that no transaction gets missed. Although For logged in members it is not required to submit the form

When will the cashback transferred in our wallet?

User can receive maximum benefits by shopping through PIXYFI. If points were earned through shopping via PIXYFI, Points will be added to user’s account instantly. User can redeem their points thereafter. Money will be transferred only after the return dates of their bought product is over. This delay is to make sure user doesn’t return the product after getting the cashback amount.


Do I Need to pay to use Pixyfi.com

Not at all. This is a FREE Cashback service. You do not have to pay anything.


How long after my transaction will I get my cashback?

This varies from retailer to retailer. After you do a transaction you will get a notification within 5 minutes to 72 hours telling you how much Cashback points you have been awarded. This is called ‘Pending’ points. Once the return period of your product(s) is over, the retailer knows that the transaction was genuine, and pays us. The status of your Cashback point will automatically change to ‘Redeemable’. From the time of your purchase it could take between 72 hours to 45 days for your Cashback points to become redeemable.


Can I visit retailer directly, and send you the receipt of the transaction to get my cashback?

 Unfortunately no! To earn Cashback, you MUST visit the retailer via pixyfi.com. This way the retailer can track that you went to their site through us, and will pay us a commission. We pass most of this commission to you as Cashback.

How to reach out to Pixyfi Team

We are reachable through mail info@pixyfi.com. Or you may contact us at 8620919702, 9073333032. You can contact us on our facebook page too.